the invisible ones

stef penney

Further reading and links to visual material

‘Gypsy Boy’ by Mikey Walsh (Hodder and Stoughton, 2009).

A personal memoir about growing up in a Romany Gypsy family in

the 90s. Might look like a misery memoir at first glance, but it’s

refreshingly upbeat, moving and hugely informative – and it’s very

well written. Highly recommended.

‘Stopping Place’ by Simon Evans (University of Hertfordshire Press, 1999) 

An excellent and readable book about recent history in the South East.

Far less dry than it sounds, it covers changes in legislation on stopping

places and sites, but also what that meant for the people who lived

on them.

Good basic information about the history of Gypsies and Travellers

in the UK (although with a Kent bias…)

A radio soap produced by ‘BBC Three Counties’ radio from 2008 to 2010.

The serial (36 x 15 minute episodes) deals with a lot of current issues,

and features Romany cast and crew members.

Seems to be permanently available for listening…